Features : Comfort

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Sit Upright on a Broad, Padded Saddle

Our classic ergonomic seating position allows for maximum visibility, braking performance, and comfort. Our passenger seat is designed to be comfortable and usable in both traditional and ‘side saddle’ seating positions.


Enjoy Unparalleled Ride Quality

We worked with Manitou to create our specially tuned full suspension system that soaks up bumps large and small, regardless of load and surface. Your passenger will especially appreciate the confident and smooth ride on poor surfaces.


Step Through Frame for Easy Entry Even with Passengers or Cargo

Riders don’t have to lift a leg over the seat to get on and off, and our unique chain design keeps the chainring small, covered and out of the way of pantlegs and scarves, helping to keep you clean


Unique Suspension Technology Adjusts with the Touch of a Button

Usually found in high end luxury cars, our industry first self leveling system quickly matches the suspension performance to the total weight of the bicycle for optimal safety and comfort. Families and friends can share the same bike without compromise or complicated, time consuming setup.