Features : Convenience

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Bring a Friend or Two Little Ones

Life was meant to be experienced together, so the Model 1 is full of features that make carrying a passenger a breeze. The powerful motor assist, ‘boost’ throttle, and comfortable, controlled ride keeps both pilot and passengers happy.


Carry Everything

With up to 50 lbs of cargo carrying capacity cushioned by a real suspension, wearing a backpack is a thing of the past. Commuting with a laptop in professional clothes, grocery runs, trips to the hardware store, or even a rough road camping trip is easy.

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Lock Stuff In It, Secure with Your App

Having convenient, secure, on board storage means running errands to multiple locations is a simple and easy. Secure your bike with a PIN on your smartphone or the bike display, or lock the frame with provided lock points.


Use the Battery as a Portable Charge Station

The battery is one of the most expensive components in an ebike, so we make the most of it. Our lightweight, low profile battery with dual USB charging ports can be used to charge and power your devices in or out of the bike