Service and Maintenance

10 year frame warranty

2 year warranty on all other components

 (typical wear items excluded - tires, brake pads, etc.)

Our bikes are designed to be easy to maintain and work on by regular bike shops or handy individuals.  Wheels, tires and brakes can all be serviced without touching motor or electronics.

For further piece of mind, we have partnered with Velofix mobile bike shop for warranty, after sales service, and even 'white glove' unboxing and setup.  

What are the laws?

We're not here to give legal advice - State laws vary. However, many have adopted the California '3 class' system as a framework. 

Class '1' ebikes are pedal assist only with top speed of 20mph.

Class '2' ebikes have a throttle and a top speed of 20 mph.

Class '3' ebikes are do not provide throttle assistance over 20mph, and have a top motor assistance speed of  28mph. 

The Model 1 has multiple power levels that allow it to be either a class '2' or class '3' ebike.

Check your local laws before operation


How do we compare?