Connected: A deep phone integration with the Civ app brings a new level of flexibility and features to the ebike world. Both bikes have a USB charger for your phone, and the City model will even charge your phone wirelessly while you ride.

CIV App Features    

Civ ‘Dashboard’ - Your phone becomes both the display and control center for the bike

Maps and Navigation 

Metrics - Speed, distance, battery charge, range, etc. 

Security - PIN lock and unlock 

Built in GPS anti-theft w/ location tracking and remote disable 

Performance controls - Adjust power, torque, throttle and pedal assist settings 

Automated service and maintenance tracking and alerts 

Crash detection and Emergency call service 

Remote Diagnostics - Real time data and ‘in app’ connection to customer support 

Suspension Optimizer - Calculate set ups for any load, surface condition, or riding style 

Software Updates / Performance upgrades via the cloud