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Meet the world's most innovative ebike
This sophisticated beauty of a bike is a beast at hauling cargo.
Could this be the most practical e-bike ever?
A posh, surprisingly practical e-bike.
There is no other bike like it.

Experience the future of transportation.

Our patented electric bikes are the expression of intelligence, safety, and efficiency. With a timeless design that helps you arrive in style, we invite you to Ride Civilized.


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The world's most versatile, comfortable and stylish ebike. With up to a 60 mile range when equipped with an optional second battery and a 28 mph top speed.

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A stylish rendering of the Black Civ ebike.


Adjustable gel rider saddle accommodates riders approx. 5’6” to 6’4”. Additional seat for an adult passenger or two children.


Patented AirTech system automatically adjusts at the touch of a button for the perfect balance of ride comfort and control.


Tektro 4-piston 203mm hydraulic disc (front) and 180mm hydraulic disc (rear).


Integrated tail light, brake light, and turn signals. Headlamp with self-dimming sensors.


Unique to Civ, our integrated locking and water-resistant panniers with 20 liters capacity closed and 80 liters expanded

A diagram of the Civ.Two Civs parked in a futuristic lobby.

Designed in NYC, made for the world

The usefulness and popularity of ebikes is growing at an exponential rate, yet most Americans still prioritize cars. Our bike appeals to urban dwellers looking for an easier way to get around than Uber or the subway, and suburbanites who are looking for a way to reduce their car use, but still need space for passengers or cargo.

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Our green future is not a sacrifice, it's an upgrade.

The Civ on cobblestone streets.

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