Safety considerations for Civilized Cycles e-bike lithium-ion battery packs and chargers

Safety considerations for Civilized Cycles e-bike lithium-ion battery packs and chargers

Lithium-ion battery chemistry represents a significant breakthrough in energy storage technology, enabling the development and widespread adoption of electric mobility devices. The high energy density and power output of lithium-ion batteries have made electric cars, eBikes, and eScooters practical and efficient for personal transportation needs. Their ability to store sufficient energy and deliver adequate power has revolutionized the electric mobility industry.

While lithium-ion batteries offer numerous advantages, they do carry risk if not designed, engineered, manufactured, and used properly. The incidents of lithium-ion battery failures and resulting fires have indeed received significant attention, including numerous cases involving eBikes in New York City.

The fires in New York highlight critical issues related to the quality and handling of the batteries used in eBike and eScooter applications. Analysis of the situation indicates that the eBikes and batteries used by up to 85,000 delivery workers in New York come from unscrupulous merchants who prioritize profit over customer safety.  The use of cheap and likely defective cells, along with poorly assembled battery packs and substandard battery management systems poses serious risk. Additionally, investigation has revealed that delivery riders often charge their batteries with mismatched chargers, unattended in crowded tenements overnight.  Furthermore, they often use batteries that are refurbished by unqualified service centers with used and/or substandard battery cells.

Ensuring the safety and integrity of battery packs and chargers is of utmost importance for Civilized Cycles. Civilized uses only the finest lithium-ion cells from the most reputable vendors in the industry.  Experience has shown that battery cells from Panasonic, LG Chem and Samsung are the safest, most stable cells available, and are used exclusively in Civilized battery packs.  These cells are mated with a state-of-the-art battery management system and assembled into battery packs by a world-class pack manufacturer.  Civilized is also investing in rigorous testing to confirm compliance with applicable safety standards to mitigate such risk. Civilized battery chargers are specifically designed and programmed to work with Civilized Cycles battery packs.  Civilized battery chargers currently have all required safety certifications including CE, TUV, etc.  Civilized Cycles packs are certified to the United Nations Standard UN38.3.

Nevertheless, owners of Civilized Cycles eBikes have a responsibility to use, charge and store Civilized Cycles eBike battery packs properly, in accordance with the instructions in the Civ Owner’s Manual.  Most importantly, only use the charger supplied with your Civ to charge the battery pack.  Never leave the battery on the charger overnight or unattended.  Never leave the charger plugged in indefinitely; unplug and disconnect the charger as soon as the LED indicates the pack is fully charged.  If a battery pack is dropped, submerged in water, or otherwise compromised, do not attempt to charge it.  Return it to your Civilized dealer for inspection.  Replace battery packs that have reached the end of their useful life with genuine Civilized Cycles battery packs that were specifically developed for use with each Civilized Cycles model. 

Whenever you have questions about the safety, use and/or care of your Civ battery pack, do not hesitate to contact Customer Service for assistance.

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